Sabrina Fowler
Sabrina 1
The voluptuous goddess wears a skimpy tank-top and white thong, showing off her assets to horny men.




Long black hair with a killer body and a large rack.


Model, Intelligence, Superhuman Strength


Bodacious Bimbo, Hottest Woman Alive





Sabrina Fowler is a drop-dead gorgeous IG model.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sabrina has long, black hair that she usually puts in a pig-tail fashion. She is noted by men for her exceptionally curvaceous figure, especially her very large rack and fine ass. At the beach, she wears very sexy bikinis and one-pieces that show off her assets and at home, she tends to wear skimpy clothes such as a tank top and a thong. Other times, she wears tight jeans or yoga pants that flaunt her curves and show her thong or g-string as a whale tail or as a panty line.

As a model, Sabrina is very confident in her looks and is very flirtatious and wild when it comes to men. She loves having fun and is a carefree and kind girl at heart. However, when angered or threatened, she can become ruthless and unforgiving, especially towards men who don't know how to control themselves around her. She usually punishes such men by mercilessly beating them into a pulp. Sabrina has the cute charm, but a very feisty and aggressive personality.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Model: Sabrina is an IG model and has gained thousands of male followers who drool over her photos.

Intelligence: Sabrina is a college student currently going for a degree in finance.

Superhuman Strength: For unknown reasons, Sabrina has an unfathomable amount of raw physical strength. She can easily lift a ton and lift about 5,000 lbs when exerting her full strength. She can curl 1,000 lbs on each of her arms and she can break through concrete and steel easily with her punches. She can knock out a grown, muscular man and send him flying with one punch, and her hard fists leave her poor male victims in an excruciating amount of pain.