Rachel Bush
Rachel shows off her perfect body in a pink bikini and black thong.


November 1, 1997

Point of Interest

Smoking hot 18-year-old every guy wants to do.

Rachel Bush is an 18 year old model. She is known for having a ridiculously curvaceous figure with huge breasts and a perfect donk. She is essentially a goddess in human form.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Rachel has long brown hair with highlights. She has an extremely curvaceous figure for a woman her age. Because of this, she is constantly mistaken as a woman in her early to mid 20's.  She has an exceptionally large rack and a perfectly rounded ass. Her choice of clothing (if any) tends to be bikini tops and thongs as she finds these the most comfortable to accommodate her assets.

Rachel is a total flirt and loves showing off her body in skimpy clothes or in plain nude. She also gets horny thinking about attractive guys.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Model: Rachel is an expert model, having experience with social media and taking pictures of herself to show off her body. She has garnered millions of admirers and has caught the eyes of many men.

Superhuman Strength: One of Rachel's noticeable traits, apart from her body, is her monstrous strength. She can easily lift a ton without breaking a sweat, and in multiple reps, and can break through any material with her bare fists. She's so strong, she breaks sandbags and their chains with just one punch. Because of her limitless strength, no man even thinks of pissing her off or treating her badly, for fear they may be what she breaks next.


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