Phoebe 22
The busty goddess wears a see-through white lace bra and gives a death stare, warning men not to piss her off.




Long, brunette hair with a curvaceous figure and large breasts.


Seductress, Superhuman Strength, Fighting Talent


Big Titties Phoebe





Phoebe is a smoking hot IG model in her teens.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Phoebe is a half-white and half-Asian woman. She has long, brown hair, a gorgeous face with eyes and lips that take men's breaths away. Her most noticeable trait is her ridiculously large rack, which grabs the attention of all the men around her. She tends to wear tiny shirts and dresses that show off a good amount of cleavage. At the beach, she wears a bikini and a thong as most beautiful women do. 

Phoebe is a cute and flirtatious girl who also likes to get her way. She likes to model and can be kind at times. However, there is a darker side to her personality. She enjoys dishing out pain on men who annoy her and ruthlessly punishes them by beating them to near death, despite their pleas for mercy. When fighting or punishing her male victims, Phoebe loses her sense of reason and becomes a bloody, merciless monster who isn't satisfied until she has derived sufficient pleasure from beating her male victim.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Beauty and Seduction: Phoebe is noted by men for her beauty and ample chest. With her assets, she can easily seduce any man into doing whatever she wants.

Superhuman Strength: Phoebe also has the strength of a goddess. She can lift a ton with ease and crush rock, bone, and steel with her bare fists. She can knock out 300 lb men with a single uppercut and send them flying multiple yards. She has beaten multiple men to a bloody pulp with her fists and hospitalized many unfortunate male victims for months.

Natural Fighting Prowess: Despite having no formal training, Phoebe is a naturally talented fighter. This, combined with her ferocity, raw strength, and enjoyment of inflicting physical pain on men, has made her the deadliest woman alive. No man she targets is safe from her. Every man she has fought has been left in a world of excruciating pain and has been beaten black and blue beyond recognition and recovery.