Maitland McConnell
Maitland 9
The blonde goddess gives a death stare. Better hope you're not the one receiving it!




Natural blonde with an exquisite and curvaceous body.


Actress, Cheerleader, Ninja, Master Martial Artist


Blonde Goddess




135 lb

Maitland McConnell is an actress known for her pretty face and nice body.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Maitland has long blonde hair and blue eyes.  Her attire consists of typical dresses and jeans with t-shirts.  At school, she wears a skimpy cheerleader outfit and at home, she usually strips down to her bra and thong, preferring the freedom and comfort of not wearing clothing.

Maitland has a laidback but also a kind personality.  She usually approaches most things with a carefree attitude and does not get serious unless if she has been wronged, as seen when she mercilessly attacked and beat up a mafia gang that took her money.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Actress: Maitland is an actress who has played in some major roles.

Cheerleader: Maitland is a cheerleader at a high school in one of her movies.

Ninja: Maitland is also a ninja and has mastered stealth and subterfuge.

Martial Artist: Maitland is an expert martial artist and master fighter who can take on large groups of opponents at once and defeat them all with ease.

Strength: Maitland is exceptionally strong and can easily twist and break a man's bones.  She is also strong enough to knock out her opponents with a solid punch to the jaw and even loosen or knock out some teeth.  Every man who fights her is left beaten, bruised, and bloody, and requires serious medical attention.