Maddie Damboise
Maddie 177
The gorgeous goddess wears a tight red top that exposes her large chest and catches the eyes of men around her.


March 8, 1997


Natural blonde with an exquisite body and extremely large breasts.


Seductress, Expert with Guns, Master Fighter, Superhuman Strength


Big Tiddie Maddie





Maddie Damboise is a drop-dead gorgeous woman. She is a college student and a model.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Maddie is an exceptionally beautiful young woman with long, brown and blonde hair. She has brown eyes, bright red lips, and an extremely curvaceous body. Her most noticeable trait is her very large chest which instantly grabs the attention of every man who sees her. Maddie tends to wear extremely provocative clothing that shows off her assets. Because of how beautiful she is, men call her a goddess and she has been nicknamed "Big Tiddie Maddie" by others.

Maddie has a very cute and flirtatious personality. She loves to tease men and attempts to seduce any man she wants. However, when threatened or unable to get what she wants from the man she tries to seduce, she becomes vicious and beats on him ruthlessly.

=Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Master Seductress: With her perfect, goddess-like figure and looks, Maddie can easily seduce any man into doing her bidding. She is very fun to jack off to. It is thrilling to imagine motor boating her mouth watering boobs.

Intelligence: Maddie is not only beautiful beyond comprehension, but she is exceptionally intelligent as well. She learns quickly and is proficient in multiple subjects.

Superhuman Strength: Not only does Maddie have the appearance of a goddess, she also possesses strength on par with one. She can easily lift 1,000 lbs and a ton when using her full strength. She's so strong, that she can knock out men over twice her size and weight with a single powerful punch and also send him flying multiple yards. Any man unfortunate enough not to obey Maddie is left in a world of pain and on the brink of death.