Lucy Pinder
Lucy Pinder Hot AF
The smoking hot goddess is wet and pulls back her hair, wearing a skimpy white tank top that barely covers her juicy rack.


December 20, 1983


Goddess of Boxing, Big Hitter Lucy, Breasts of Pain, Hottest Woman Alive


Model, Boxer


Modeling, Boxing, Beating up men


Arrogant men

BWH Measurements

39-26-33.9 inches (99-66-86 cm)

Bra Size



5'5" (165 cm)


130 lbs (59 kg)

Lucy Pinder is an English glamour model who is well known for her extremely curvaceous body and naturally large breasts.  She has been called the hottest woman alive by many men.


Lucy is noted to have an extremely fine and curvaceous body with ridiculous measurements and naturally large breasts.  She is said to have the "Best Breasts in Britain."


Lucy has been a famous glamour and bikini model, noted by men for her beautiful face and body.  

Hobbies and SkillsEdit

Lucy loves boxing and working out in her spare time.  She has developed numerous skills and abilities from doing these including:

  • Heightened Stamina - Lucy can easily train and work out for hours without tiring.
  • Enhanced Reflexes - Lucy can quickly move and react in a fight and while working out.
  • Superhuman Strength - Lifting weights and boxing have made Lucy stronger than men.  She can easily lift 1,000 lbs in multiple reps.  All men are afraid of fighting her. Any man who knows of Lucy and her superhuman strength claims: "Her punches hurt like hell.," "I don't want a broken jaw.," "I don't want to lose my teeth.," "I don't want to receive a black eye," "I don't want to be sent to the emergency room.," etc. These claims attest to Lucy's ferocity and strength.
  • Lucy Lasso  - Lucy has a powerful right hook she uses to finish her opponents and send them flying out of the ring. She twirls her right fist in a circular fashion to build momentum and then lets it fly and crash into her poor victim's face. Men who are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Lucy's hook have a few teeth loosened and a broken jaw. This powerful move earned her the title "Big Hitter Lucy."[1]



Lucy is also a part-time boxer and is very good at it too.  When boxing, she wears nothing but a black thong and (sometimes) stockings.  She does this so that she can distract men with her naked body and large breasts. Because of this, and Lucy's superhuman strength, natural fighting skill, and merciless attitude, no man has ever defeated her in a fight or landed a successful hit and every man who has fought her has ended up with two black eyes, multiple knocked out teeth, and 3 months of hospitalization and emergency care. Because she fights nude, beats her enemies black and blue, and has an undefeated win streak, Lucy has been called the Goddess of Boxing and Breasts of Pain.

When training, Lucy ties her hair in a ponytail and wears a thin purple tank top as well as extremely short pink shorts.  She dons two red boxing gloves and practices her punches and kicks on a speedbag.  Before training or fighting her opponent, Lucy always pounds her gloves against each other twice, indicating her bloodthirst to beat down what's in front of her.

Here, Lucy works out and practices boxing. She utilizes fast jabs and finishes with two powerful kicks.

Lucy does a nude photoshoot in the boxing ring before her fight. She does this to turn on the audience and get them excited, as well as to distract the opponent she's about to fight.


Lucy also did a Christmas photoshoot for her modeling career and posed as a Christmas present.