LeAnn Rimes
Leann smiling seductively.




LeAnn has long, flowing blonde hair and an extremely curvaceous body.


Singer, Model


Men, singing, boxing, punching out her aggression


Some men, people who look down on her, stress, media, feeling insecure

Abilities and Skills

LeAnn practices boxing and has become proficient in it after doing it for a while. She has become ridiculously powerful after a lot of strength training and boxing and can easily beat up a man twice her size. She also has extremely painful punches that can easily shatter bone and knock out her opponents. Men are afraid to challenge her or to piss her off, in fear of getting beat up. LeAnn is so strong that she tends to break the sandbags and cause medical injury bills to rise tremendously.

LeAnn Rimes is an American country singer. After a recent divorce, she has been stressed by the media and by the public. To cope with the stress, she started doing boxing and developed a fine body, and a buff one to boot. LeAnn believes that boxing has helped her to cope with her stress and said that:

"Going to the gym and punching out some of my aggression on a pair of mitts has been a lifesaver. It really did make me feel better and kind of saved me."

LeAnn is a very heavy hitter with bone-breaking jabs, straights, and uppercuts. Boxing is her way of venting our her anger and frustration peacefully. She always wants to hit something and she usually aggressively hits the punching bags to punch out her anger (lucky for the people who piss her off or they would be the ones feeling her punches instead). LeAnn is one tough fighter: mess with her, and you'll get hurt.

One day, a man tried to rape LeAnn on the street.  LeAnn, after dealing with constant stress and pressure, was mad and just wanted to hit something...a lot.  After practicing boxing a lot, LeAnn was able to use her bone-breaking punches to pulverize the man who attempted to rape her.  As the man was being beaten to a pulp, LeAnn vented out her frustration and anger and constantly punched the man till he was unconscious and knocked out all of his teeth.  After calming down and venting out most of her anger, LeAnn cracked her knuckles and said to the man: "If you ever try to do that again, I'll beat you to death next time."  And with that, LeAnn left, leaving behind a bloody, broken, and bruised man with six crushed ribs, gasping for life.  Lesson learned:  NEVER piss off LeAnn, or you're in for a world of hurt!

Leann takes her boxing very seriously.  She is known to have ridiculously powerful punches and killer workouts.  Whenever she asks her husband to box with her, he always says no, because he says "her punches hurt like hell."


"Punching out some of my aggression on a pair of mitts has been a lifesaver."

"We're doing a boxing workout today. For an hour, I need to hit things."

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

After intense training sessions, working out, and boxing, LeAnn has developed numerous skills and abilities including:

  • Expert Boxer: LeAnn is now a proficient boxer and can easily defeat a normal person.
  • Enhanced Agility: LeAnn can now move and react faster than the average person; she can easily counterattack after dodging an opponent's attack.
  • Limitless Stamina: LeAnn never seems to tire out and can train for hours continuously without taking a break.  Her husband has been shown to be incapable of keeping up with her rigorous work regimen.
  • Superhuman Strength: After lifting heavy weights and constantly punching out her anger, LeAnn has developed a buff body with nice lean muscles.  LeAnn can easily lift 1,000 lbs, a weight which even the strongest men would find impossible to lift, in multiple reps, and usually breaks a sandbag or two every time she punches in the gym. She usually fails to control her strength which leads to the destruction of many sandbags and her poor, unsuspecting opponents.
  • Rimes Rampage: LeAnn's ultimate finishing move.  She begins by quickly landing multiple jabs on her opponent's face, then while the opponent is fazed, she lands powerful hooks and blows on her opponent's stomach to make him keel over.  She then finishes her combo with a devastating uppercut that sends her opponent flying five feet into the air and yards away from her.  This move always ends with the opponent bloody, bruised and unconscious, with multiple broken bones and a few missing teeth.  This technique combined with LeAnn's ferocity has caused men to fear and avoid her, in hopes of not being the receiving end of her blows.

Fighting StyleEdit

LeAnn is an aggressive boxer and usually defeats her opponents using her powerful fists to beat them into a pulp.


LeAnn also wears provocative bikinis, including thin pieces of g-strings and thongs.

Sex TapeEdit

LeAnn was caught in a sex tape scandal with her ex-husband.  She didn't record the video, but she did upload pictures of herself stripping down to her thong and posting them online.