Kate Upton
Kate in her fighting position
Kate in her boxing stance. Mess with her, and she'll knock you out cold.




Natural blonde with an exquisite body and extremely large breasts.


Kate is extremely aggressive and insanely powerful for a woman. She is a strong boxer with a jaw-breaking uppercut. She uses it to knockout her opponents and send them flying. She can also beat up men who try to hurt or rape her. Kate also wrestles. She has a skull-crushing piledriver and back-breaking German suplex that make the men regret ever going against her. Her finishing move is her wide range of suplexes. Kate also does MMA and uses mostly her boxing techniques to knockout her opponents. She usually wins by beating her opponent until they're unconscious.


Kate can be very kind and sweet, but can become aggressive when provoked (e.g. by men).


Kate loves pilates, strength-training, and boxing and wrestling. She especially loves boxing and wrestling, because it gives her a way to physically vent out her stress and anger in a productive way instead of beating up people (lucky for the people who piss her off, or they would be hurting).


Kate wears extremely thin bikinis for modeling and wears sleek and sexy dresses and underneath she wears a g-string thong which can be seen as a panty line.


Model for Sports Illustrated's monthly swimsuit issue.

Personal Life

Kate spends time with her friends as well as practice more boxing and wrestling.


Kate tends to get extremely aggressive, which scares some people, and she tends to crack her knuckles a lot, especially right before she goes in for a knockout.


Kate Upton is a 20-year-old swimsuit model who made her debut in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue where she was crowned "Rookie of the Year." Since then, she has been the cover swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue. Her measurements are: 33D-25-36.


"Kate Upton, the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl, boxes, does Pilates and strengh-trains to maintain her sexy bikini body."