Kate Upton
Kate flaunts her perfect body in a red and black bikini. She gives a cold and seductive death stare to men, warning them not to mess with her, or she'll beat them mercilessly.


June 10, 1992


Natural blonde with an exquisite body and extremely large breasts.


Kate is extremely aggressive and insanely powerful for a woman. She is a strong boxer with a jaw-breaking uppercut. She uses it to knockout her opponents and send them flying. She can also beat up men who try to hurt or rape her. Kate also wrestles. She has a skull-crushing piledriver and back-breaking German suplex that make the men regret ever going against her. Her finishing move is her wide range of suplexes. Kate also does MMA and uses mostly her boxing techniques to knockout her opponents. She usually wins by beating her opponent until they're unconscious.


Kate can be very kind and sweet, but can become aggressive when provoked (e.g. by men).


Kate loves pilates, strength-training, and boxing and wrestling. She especially loves boxing and wrestling, because it gives her a way to physically vent out her stress and anger in a productive way instead of beating up people (lucky for the people who piss her off, or they would be hurting).


Kate wears extremely thin bikinis for modeling and wears sleek and sexy dresses and underneath she wears a g-string thong which can be seen as a panty line.


Model for Sports Illustrated's monthly swimsuit issue.

Personal Life

Kate spends time with her friends as well as practice more boxing and wrestling.


Kate tends to get extremely aggressive, which scares some people, and she tends to crack her knuckles a lot, especially right before she goes in for a knockout.

Kate Upton is a swimsuit model who loves to please men with her body.

Appearance and Personality

Kate is a blonde woman who is noted by all men for her succulently large breasts and her seductive bikini photos. She is known for wearing the skimpiest bikinis that can barely hold her huge rack without breaking, and she constantly dresses provocatively on a normal basis as well. She always wears the shortest and tiniest dresses that pronounce her curves and because of this, her thong and g-string are always visible, making men go wild for her even more.

Kate has a very flirtatious personality. She knows that all men can't keep it in when they're around her and she uses this to seduce them to do her bidding. She takes pride in her looks and does not hesitate to use them for her desires.

Skills and Abilities

Expert Model: Kate has been a professional swimsuit model for years and she has shown to be very proficient in it. She is one of the most popular swimsuit models in the world.

Heightened Physical Attributes: Kate trains rigorously and folows a strict training regiment to keep her goddess-like body in shape. Some of the abilities she's acquired from training are:

  • Lightning Reflexes: Kate's reaction time is ridiculously fast and she can easily respond to any situation or fight.
  • Limitless Stamina: Kate no longer tires from doing any physical activity. She can train and fight for hours without feeling tired.
  • Increased Speed: Sprinting every day has increased Kate's average speed. She can now run at least 15 mi/hr.
  • Perfect Endurance: Kate can endure any form of stress and pain after experiencing her hellish training sessions. No one can hurt her.
  • Superhuman Strength: Strength training and lifting heavy weights has caused Kate to develop herculean levels of strength. She can lift 1,000 lbs with ease and a max of 2,000 lbs. Because of her godlike strength, Kate always breaks the punching bag whenever she uses it. A popular theory among men is that her strength actually stems from her humongous breasts.

Expert Boxer/Kickboxer: Kate's training regimen involves boxing and kickboxing. After training the grueling sports for a long time, Kate has become a master in these styles of fighting. Her mastery of boxing/kickboxing, combined with her superhuman physical traits, has made her the deadliest fighter in all of the world. Any poor, unsuspecting man who thinks Kate is just a weak girl is left as a bloody and broken unrecognizable mess after she mercilessly destroys him in a fight. Her tendency to leave her opponents like this and destroying any man mercilessly in a fight has earned her the titles "Blonde Brutality" and "Breasts of Fury."

Expert Wrestler: Like boxing and kickboxing, Kate has practiced wrestling and has completely mastered all of its techniques. She uses these techniques, along with her goddess-like strength, to decimate her opponents and leave them in a world of pain.

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