Jordan Bush
Jordan Bush 15
The blonde babe is drop dead gorgeous despite being so young.


August 13, 1999


Natural blonde with a perfect body and fine ass.


IG Model, Master Fighter, Superhuman Strength


Big Booty Blonde

Jordan Bush is the smoking hot younger sister of Rachel Bush.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jordan Bush is a smoking hot young blonde teen. Despite only being 17 years old, she has a killer body with perfect measurements and proportions. Her most noticeable traits are her huge rack, perfectly round ass, and her pretty face that can easily give any man a hard-on. Like her sister, Jordan is a total flirt when it comes to men and she'll do whatever it takes to get wild with a man she wants.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Model: Jordan Bush is immensely popular due to IG and other forms of social media. She is mostly followed by young men who are smitten with her.

Master Fighter: Because of her natural goddess-like body and looks, Jordan has learned to fight and how to defend herself from men who would try to rape her. She has trained extensively in many forms of fighting including boxing, kickboxing, karate, MMA, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. She is now a master fighter who can easily defeat any opponent who challenges her, and the poor, unsuspecting men who try to rape her thinking she's nothing more than a weak girl.

Superhuman Strength: Jordan also strength trains extensively to keep a fit and strong body and to be physically stronger than her opponents and would-be rapists. She normally lifts 1,000 lbs, a weight even the strongest men in the world can't even lift, in multiple reps to warm up. She can lift a max of 1 ton if she exerts her full strength. She can also curl 500 lbs on each arm and can crush rock, bone, and steel with her bare fists. Her monstrous strength combined with her deadly fighting prowess has left all of her attackers as bloody, broken, and bruised with multiple missing teeth and a permanently disfigured face. They all require at least 3 months of intensive hospitalization after Jordan is through with them.