Jewell Marceau
Jewell 3
Jewell shows off her nice figure in a pink and zebra-striped bikini that can barely hold her giant rack and raises her fist in a fighting stance.




Black hair with an exquisite body and extremely large breasts.


Seductress, Master Fighter, Superhuman Strength


Jawbreaker Jewell




135 lb

Jewell Marceau is model and professional fighter and wrestler.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jewell has long black hair, nice lips, an exceptionally large chest, and an exquisite figure overall. Her normal attire consists of skimpy tops that show off cleavage and tight mini-skirts. When fighting, she wears a pink and zebra-striped themed bikini.

Jewell has a flirtatious but ruthless personality. She will do anything to be entertained, even if it includes harming others. She enjoys nothing more than beating her opponents into a bloody pulp and finds ultimate pleasure pounding in the faces of her opponents.


Jewell was contacted by a male challenger to fight him.  She agreed, and the two fought in her hotel room.  She completely decimated her poor opponent using her bare fists and wrestling pins.  She finished the man with multiple jaw-breaking uppercuts and even joked that she may knock out a few of his teeth because she could hear his teeth chattering.  After the fight, Jewell talked to an interviewer and happily explained how she got done beating a total chump and also told the person that she punched him so hard in the jaw, his teeth were chattering, and believed that he might wake up in the morning missing a few teeth.  She said it was a good one and that she wouldn't have to go to the gym for her daily workout.  She then said there's nothing she loves more than bashing in the face of a poor, pathetic bum.  She finally asked who would be next and who would decide to challenge her and become her next victim.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Fighter: Jewell is a master fighter who has defeated every opponent she has ever encountered.

Expert Wrestler: Jewell is also a master wrestler who can easily pin anyone and contort their bodies in the most painful ways.

Peak Strength: Jewell also has an exceptional amount of strength.  She is quite powerful for a woman of her stature and is stronger than every man she has encountered so far.  She can easily knock out a man with a solid punch to the jaw and she punches so hard that she can even break the jaw and knock out some teeth.


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