Helga 67
The perfect woman mesmerizes men with her perfect body.


April 7, 1992


Black hair with an exquisite body and extremely large breasts; perfect figure and curves.


Model, Fighter, Superhuman Strength


Hottie Helga




121 lb



Bra Size


Helga is a smoking hot Eastern European model who is revered by men as the Hottest Woman Alive with the perfect figure and curves and measurements.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Helga has long black hair, an exceptionally naturally curvaceous figure and very large chest, her most noticeable trait.  She wears clothing that emphasizes her chest and maximizes her sex appeal for her male fans.  She usually wears skimpy bikinis and skirts and underneath, she always wears a tight thong or g-string.

Helga has a kind but a very strong personality.  She isn't afraid to speak her mind and when she's wronged, she will do anything to get revenge or justice.  As a model, she loves pleasing men with her sensual figure, but as a fighter, she turns into a complete and ruthless monster who is incapable of holding back from beating her victims into a bloody pulp. She is also extremely flirtatious and exceptionally cruel since she loves flirting with men and knows they can't help but get hard around her, but she also mercilessly pulverizes them for getting all wild and hormonal around her. Thus, all of the men she encounters are simultaneously aroused beyond their control and scared to death of her.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Experienced Model: Helga is one of the world's most famous Internet models and she is noted by many men to be the Hottest Woman Alive.  She has multiple modeling gigs and knows how to maximize her sex appeal and beauty.

Master Fighter: Helga is also a naturally gifted fighter and has experience fighting against men due to the fact that many different men have attempted to sexually assault and rape her in the past.  Because of this, she can easily take on large groups of men who are more than twice her size and beat them up with ease.  To date, no man who has fought Helga has ever won and survived without a need for serious medical treatment.

Superhuman Strength: Complementing Helga's goddess-like beauty and figure is her inexplicable superhuman strength.  She is strong enough to lift over 1,000 lbs and can easily lift a couple tons when exerting her full strength.  She's so strong that when fighting, she fails to hold back her strength and decimates her male victims by breaking their bones, tenderizing their flesh, and knocking out multiple teeth.  She can also break a sandbag with a single punch and send it flying multiple yards.  The source of her strength is unknown but for her unfortunate male victims, it does not matter, for they would still be the recipients of her ruthless beatdown.

Helga Hook: Helga's signature move. She unleashes a devastating hook that dislocates her opponent's jaw and also loosens or knocks out multiple teeth. Every one of her opponents who is hit by this is immediately knocked out and in desperate need of medical attention.