Jessica Bartlett
Jessica 100
The Hottest Woman Alive flaunts her perfect body in a black bikini and thong.


October 24, 1996


Long black hair with crystal blue eyes and a curvaceous figure


Seductress, Intelligence, Master Fighter, Superhuman Strength


Goddess, Hottest Woman Alive, Superwoman

Jessica Bartlett is a young woman in college. She is a part-time model who is known for her beauty, intelligence, and cheerful demeanor.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jessica, being in her youthful prime, has a slim, curvaceous figure. She has long black hair and exceptionally beautiful crystal blue eyes. Her most noticeable traits aside from her gorgeous face are her well-endowed chest and curvy ass. Jessica's usual attire consists of sleek and sexy styles and school related clothing. At the beach, she wears extremely sexy bikinis and thongs. Her bikini tops can barely hold her giant rack.

Jessica is a sweet and innocent girl. She is a very nice person with a very cheerful personality. Because of her natural beauty and sweet personality, Jessica easily attracts and seduces every man she meets.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Model and Seductress: Jessica is a talented model who shows off her perfect body to gain attention from men. She can also use her beauty and personality to seduce any man into doing what she wants.

Expert Fighter: Being the extremely attractive woman she is, Jessica learned boxing and self-defense in order to defend herself against horny men who can't control themselves around her or get physically aggressive. Jessica is a master of boxing and her skill level is on par with that of pros. When physically assaulted by a man, Jessica utilizes her skills and techniques to beat her would-be rapist into a bloody pulp, making him regret ever attempting to feel her up. Jessica's fighting style utilizes a full repertoire of boxing moves including jabs, straights, hooks, crosses, counters, uppercuts, etc. Jessica also has special moves and variations to her techniques.

  • Jessica Jab: Jessica's jab in boxing is unique in that it flicks like a whip but yields devastating damage to her opponent's face. She utilizes these mostly in order to pulverize her opponent's face and turn it into a black and blue mess. After receiving a barrage of these, her opponent is usually in excruciating pain and unable to see due to their eyes being extremely blackened and swollen.
  • Bartlett Beatdown: Jessica's signature finishing move. She begins by unleashing a flurry of Jessica Jabs and then a painful left hook, right hook combo that leaves her opponent in a daze. She then unleashes a jaw-breaking uppercut that knocks out her opponent and most of his teeth, sending him flying yards into the air and landing flat on his back out cold. To this day, no man has survived Jessica's finishing move without being left in critical condition and having to be hospitalized for months.
  • The Alpha Phinisher: Only one human being has ever witnessed this epic show of supernatural power and survived to tell the tale. Jessica shatters the Earth with a deadly stomp, causing the Hayward fault to split, releasing the souls of thousands of sorority women, who assemble into an unstoppable army of the undead, pillaging cities and wiping entire civilizations off the map.

Superhuman Strength: Jessica's soft and womanly exterior hides her true, monstrous strength. Jessica is exceptionally fit and her body is comprised mostly of solid muscle underneath her soft skin. She can easily lift 1,000 lbs in multiple reps and break solid stone with her bare fists. She's so strong that when she uses her full strength, she can break a sandbag and send it flying multiple yards with one punch. She can easily beat a man to death if she doesn't hold back. No one knows where her ridiculous strength comes from but many men believe it comes with her goddess-like beauty.

Exceptional Intelligence: Jessica is also a smart young woman who is currently attending one of the best universities in the world. Her beauty, strength, and intelligence all combined have caused men to give her the nickname "Superwoman."