Emily Tanner
Emily 9
The buxom blonde wears a sexy one-piece that shows off her tan line and nice figure.




Natural blonde with an exquisite body and extremely large breasts.


Seductress, Intelligence, Master Fighter, Superhuman Strength







Emily Tanner is a hot blonde model with a fine body and a smile that no man can resist.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Emily has long blonde hair, brown eyes, an exceptionally curvaceous figure, and a large rack. She tends to wear extremely provocative clothing that shows off her assets. She wears skin-tight yoga pants that make her thong or g-string visible as a panty line which also show off her nice legs and ass. She wears tiny tank tops that can barely hold her nice rack. Her general clothing style is sleek and sexy. At the beach, she tends to wear extremely sexy bikinis and one-pieces.

Emily is a kind girl at heart and has a cute and flirtatious personality to go with her looks. However, when angered or threatened, she becomes an entirely different person and can be brutal and ruthless, especially towards men. This is seen when she mercilessly beats up men who try to flirt with her when she's not interested and cruelly laughs and taunts men who think they can beat her in a fight.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Model and Seductress: Blessed with goddess-like looks and a perfect body, Emily is a born and trained model as well as a natural seductress who can seduce any man with ease.

Intelligence: Emily is also a college student and likes to study the social sciences.

Master Fighter: Because of her beauty, Emily naturally attracts all the men around her. Because of this, she has learned how to fight and defend herself should a man ever try to get touchy or try to rape her. She has mastered boxing, MMA, wrestling, and many other forms of fighting in order to defend herself and give wild men a good beating.

Superhuman Strength: Emily undergoes intense strength training in order to keep herself physically fit. She lifts monstrous 500 lb weights in multiple reps to keep up her strength and power. When exerting her full strength, she can lift 1,000 lbs, a weight even the strongest men find impossible to lift. Her herculean strength, combined with her fighting prowess, makes her one of the deadliest, sexiest human beings ever to have walked the planet, and leaves her poor male opponents in a world of pain.