Debbe Dunning
Debbe Dunning
Men would do anything to stick their schlong between Debbe's juicy rack and have her pleasure them.

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July 11, 1966




128 lbs


Boxing, Wrestling, Modeling


Hottest MILF Alive



Bra Size



Actress, Model


Master Fighter, Boxer, and Wrestler, Superhuman Strength

Debra "Debbe" Dunning (Born July 11, 1966) is an actress, model and spokesperson who played the second Tool Time girl Heidi Keppert in Home Improvement. She is also well known for her role as the Sun Goddess in Now You Know for her extremely sexy bikini scene.  

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Debbe's usual attire consists of provocative dresses and outfits that flaunt her curves and show off her nice chest. At the beach or the pool, she wears a bikini and thong that further exposes her already very noticeable curves and rack. Wherever she goes, men always turn their heads to see her and get a nice view of her fine body. Debbe is essentially a goddess in human form.

Debbe has a very seductive personality and likes to tease men with her body. She sunbathed in her white thong bikini when a man was mowing her lawn and she teased him by rubbing lotion on her well endowed breasts, causing the man to drool and come towards her. 

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Master Fighter: Debbie practices boxing and wrestling in her spare time to stay fit. She has become exceptionally proficient at both and can easily defeat any man who challenges her to a fight.

Superhuman Strength: By lifting exceptionally heavy weights and constantly working out and fighting, Debbe has developed a finely toned and strong body, despite her curvaceous appearance. She can easily lift 1,000 lbs, a weight not even the strongest men alive could even hope to lift, and break a sandbag with one punch. She's easy on the eyes, but hard on the hits. Any man foolish enough to mess with Debbe is beaten to a bloody pulp and turned into an unrecognizable mess and is left with a black eye, broken bones, and missing teeth after she's through with him.