Cherie DeVille
Cherie 13
The blonde goddess shows off her juicy figure in a zebra-striped bikini.


August 30, 1978


Natural blonde with an exquisite body and extremely large breasts.


Boxing, Wrestling, Superhuman Strength, Intelligence

Cherie DeVille is a professional boxer, wrestler, and model.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Cherie is noted for her exceptionally good looks for her age. She has long blonde hair, an extremely curvaceous figure, and 32DD size breasts. Her normal attire consists of skimpy dresses and skin-tight clothing that always reveals her thong or g-string. Her favorite thing to wear is her zebra-striped pink bikini that accentuates her already noticeable curves. Complementing her goddess-like looks is her extremely flirtatious personality. Cherie likes to flirt with men and tease them with her body, especially as she fights them and dishes out pain.

Skills and AbilitesEdit

Exceptional Boxer and Wrestler - Cherie is a master of boxing and wrestling and has never lost a fight. Every man that was foolish enough to fight her was beaten black and blue and turned into an unrecognizable mess. All of Cherie's beaten victims have ended up in the emergency room or have been hospitalized for months.

Superhuman Strength - Cherie can easily lift 1,000 lbs and knock out a grown man with one punch. Her strength is what she uses to destroy her opponents

Intelligence - Cherie is also an exceptionally smart woman. She has a medical degree and is a physical therapist.