Amanda Lee
Amanda 116
The blonde goddess flaunts her perfect body in a red bikini that can barely contain her rack and assets.


December 13, 1986


Natural blonde with a ridiculously sexy body.


Modeling, Seduction, Exercise, Fitness, Superhuman Strength


Hottest Woman Alive




115 lb

Amanda Lee is a smoking hot blonde IG model with a ridiculously fine body. She is considered to be so attractive that she is literally a goddess in human form and is said to be the Hottest Woman Alive.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Amanda has long blonde hair, an extremely curvaceous figure, a large bust, and crystal blue eyes. Her normal attire consists of extremely skin-tight dresses and yoga pants that flaunt her curves and a tank-top or fitness bra that can barely contain her giant chest. When modelling, she wears very sexy bikinis and lingerie.

Amanda has a very flirtatious personality and will usually use her looks to get with any man she wants. If she can't get a man via seduction, she will get him through force and pain. She also has a very cruel personality; Amanda knows that no man can resist looking at her, but she is disgusted at men who eye her and get hard. She beats up men like these as punishment for looking. Unfortunately, 100% of the men who cross her path are unable to not look at her and thus, 100% of them are beaten to near death. Any man who passes Amanda is unable to keep it in his pants and is covered in his seed and blood after releasing and getting beat up by her.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Model: Amanda quickly rose to fame via IG and is now a social media star with millions of subscribers and fans. With her perfect body and experience, she can easily create the sexiest and most memorable pictures and scenes that grab the eyes of all men.

Fitness and Exercise: Amanda has such a perfect body because of her obsession with fitness and exercise. She exercises and works out constantly and eats a very healthy diet.

Superhuman Strength: As a fitness trainer and a described goddess, Amanda has a perfect body with the perfect muscles and tone too. She can easily lift a ton and usually lifts this much in multiple reps when working out in order to get her blood flowing. When exerting her full strength, she can lift about 5,000 lbs. She is stronger than the biggest and burliest men and easily outclasses them in terms of raw strength. She is strong enough to break through steel, concrete, and bone with her bare fists. Any man who is foolish enough to fight her is left as a beaten, broken, and unrecognizable pile of flesh.